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Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive

Use Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive

for repairing items of virtually all flexible

materials like Neoprene, Rubber, Leather,

PVC, PU, Breathable materials and

Coated fabrics.

RRP £5.50 

Neoprene Queen

Perfect for splits, rips

and tears and open or unstitched seams.

Keep it in your kit bag if you are a diver, surfer,

boady boarder, kite surfer, sailor or angler.

Good for anything made from neoprene.

RRP £5.50 

Neoprene Queen

Neoprene Queen Repair Kit Neoprene Queen Repair Kit

A quick drying black neoprene based contact

adhesive which is better value than Black Witch.

Pack Contains

- 30g tube of quick drying contact adhesive

- 5 circular neoprene patches.

- Easy to follow instructions.

RRP £6.50 

Stormoprene 2 Part contact Adhesive

Stormoprene 2 Part Adhesive is one of the best neoprene based contact

adhesive available. This is a 250 ml set with Part A (adhesive) and Part B

(activator). It can be used on all watersports fabrics from Hypalon® (for

repairing a RIB/ inflatable boat or a flat roof) to neoprene and trilaminate

diving suits. Also good for leather, rubber, latex, many coated fabrics

and much more.

RRP £14.00 

Stormoprene 2 Part contact Adhesive

Stormoprene 2 Part contact Adhesive 5 Litre Stormoprene 2 Part contact Adhesive 5 Litre
Several experienced customers have said that Stormoprene 2 part

Adhesive is technically better and more cost effective than Bostik 2402

and Evode 8000. Mix the contents of the Part B bottle with the Part A

thoroughly before applying the glue.

RRP £89.00 (5Litre part A and 200mlpart B). 

StormCure Accelerator

StormCure Accelerator is mixed with either StormSure Flexible Repair Adhesive or StormSeal Adhesives to reduce the cure time to about 1 hour.Normal cure time is about 4 hours touch dry and 12 hours for full cure.

With StormCure Accelerator this reduces to 30 minutes touch dry and 2 hours full cure. StormCure can also be used as a very good cleaner and primer for surfaces which will be glued. Comes in a 250ml cone top tin.

RRP £11.99 

StormCure Accelerator

Talcpowder - Unscented French Chalk Talcpowder - Unscented French Chalk

A 60g bottle of Unscented French Chalk.

Assists when donning wetsuits with latex

seals on neck, wrists and ankles.

Made from the finest ground and powdered talc.

This bottle has a quick turn shaker top. Also use on

repairs made with Stormsure Flexible Repair

Adhesive to make a smooth non tacky surface.

RRP £5.50 

Sachets of Neoprene Clean Wetsuit Shampoo

Neoprene Clean Wetsuit cleans and disinfects your wetsuit. Water often

contains plankton, bacteria and viruses, which can cause illness and

bad smells. Neoprene clean kills these mircro organisms leaving your

wetsuit clean and fresh.

Each sachet contains 20ml of concentrate. Mix in a large bucket or

bath of water. Submerge your wetsuit or drysuit and leave for a few

minutes. Then drip dry as normal.


Sachets of Neoprene Clean Wetsuit Shampoo

Zip Oil Zip Oil

A 30ml bottle of best quality Zip Oil.

Zip Oil is essential for lubricating and cleaning

waterproof zips, drysuit zips, wetsuit zips and

many other types of zipper.

Waterproof drysuit zips (and all water tight zips) need a

good quality zip lubricant to keep them in good working

order and to reduce the force required to open and

close them. Zip Oil significantly reduces the force required

to move the zip.

Zip Oil is also good for zips on gumboots, tents, bags

and many other items.

It is better than beeswax and zip wax as it does not collect

dirt or show up as white flakes. It is Non Toxic and Odour

Free. Contains no silicones.

Comes in a 30ml bottle with snap on dropper cap for

easy use.

RRP £5.50 

Stormsure Self Adhesive PU Patch

A pack of 5 x 75mm diameter clear polyurethane patches.

Use for instant repairs to leaks in inflatable pools and toys. Also patch leaks in above ground swimming pools, wellington boots, PVC clothing, Tents, Waterproofs and much more.

Just peel off the backing paper and apply the sticky patch to the damaged area. These patches are made of tough polyurethane. They will stretch with movement of the clothing or inflation of a blow up item. Also the material is very strong and abrasion resistant.

RRP £4.95 

Stormsure Self Adhesive PU Patch